URL: https://homies.rozanskigary.com/
Born: 2024
Platform: WordPress

I wanted to create a concept for Homies on Donkeys to introduce myself to the restaurant owners, from a website creator perspective, in case they are ever looking for a new website in the future. Images & information I used were gathered from a variety of sources that Homies on Donkeys use in their site & social media.


My main focus for their home page was to include the reservations, for customers to make a booking with ease. With the rising popularity of their taco cuisine, Homies on Donkeys strong encourage booking in advance, so I wanted to make it simple on their site to find the reservations.


Whilst a lot of visitors to the current Homies on Donkeys site will already know about the delights of the tacos & food they produce, but I did want to include some mouth-watering imagery that Homies on Donkeys offer.


Homies on Donkeys are a local taqueria serving up some of the best tacos in London. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out, they are based in Leytonstone.

Owner and Head Chef Smokey pursues the creation of food that evokes the kind of good times one reminisces about: fun, easy-going, heartwarming and fulfilling. He does so by practicing the ethos that characterises him in as a musician, with the freedom to improvise, selecting and mixing local and staple Mexican ingredients with humour and imagination, to produce food that inspires in people the same feeling of having just danced to their favourite tunes.

Spending six years in a small yet mighty market stall in Walthamstow, Homies on Donkeys moved to a full sit-in diner in Leytonstone in 2023 via the help from a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over £72,000 from 880 backers.